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“As the area’s premiere award winning wedding videography company, Current Events Productions has the reputation for quality, dependability and overall professionalism - something that you want to entrust on such an important occasion.”

Sound, motion and storytelling. 

There is no argument for an artistically captured still photograph; the beauty of a still photograph is a moment in time that will last forever.  Videography tells the rest of the story in a manner that only a video can.


There is no more compelling story than the essence of your wedding day. One of the most important aspects of this story is your commitment to each other with the reciting of your vows. Most couples agree that being able to “hear” their vows again, long after the ceremony, and for years to come, reminds them of the commitment they had made to each other. Only your professional videographer can capture those vows.  Allow yourselves to hear them spoken forever.


Your story would not be complete without seeing the the bride walking down the isle as a single woman for the last time. Remember, you are the last one to arrive at the ceremony and the first one to exit. Only video can capture this part of your wedding day story and everything you did not get the chance to see as it was happening. The beauty and grace of your first dance as husband and wife can only be fully experienced from a different perspective viewing your wedding video.


Every one celebrates a good love story. The best stories are told through the sound and motion and words of motion pictures. The story of your wedding day is no exception:  the emotion that good cinema can evoke. With your cinematic wedding video, you can relive the sounds and motion of your wedding day story...the very beginning of your lives together.